Free Online Dating Websites – How To Know What Dating Site To Choose

Free online dating websites are becoming more and more popular and really, why wouldn’t they? Why pay to have full access to profiles and full communication tools when there are services that provide it for free? Especially if the only commitment you’re looking to make is a romantic one, rather than a monthly direct debit.

So if you’re looking to make a match online without the hassle of paying for it, the following free online dating websites are definitely the best in the business at helping you find your perfect match.

Plenty Of Fish

Plenty Of Fish is one of the best international dating websites with over 135 million visitors every month. And those figures can only mean one thing, more variety and a bigger chance of meeting someone worthwhile.

The other great feature of this site is that the likelihood of finding a suitable match isn’t just down to you casting your reel in to the abyss of the online sea. After taking part in their chemistry test, they match you with personalities they think can lead to ‘long lasting stable relationships.’ And they’ll even throw in some advice regarding your relationship needs, and tell you where you have apparently screwed up in the past!

So if you’re up for joining one of the biggest international dating websites and like the idea of free relationship advice, then it’s time to go fishing at Plenty Of Fish.


OKCupid proudly states that it is ‘The best dating website On Earth’ and one of the fastest growing free online dating websites. After checking it out, they are definitely on to something and it’s a little different to the rest.

OkCupid is a cute site that allows you to search by gender and sexual orientation but instead of having you complete a questionnaire to find suitable matches, they encourage you to answer user posted questions. The beauty of this is that you don’t have to involve yourself in a lengthy personal survey. The questions are quick and lighthearted such as: ‘How often do you keep your promises’? With multiply choice answers. It then asks you what answers you will accept from other users. If you wish, you can elaborate with free text to explain your answer however this is not mandatory. Once you have completed 25 of these questions you can then do a match search and browse other profiles.

With over a million quality singles from all over the world, OKCupid has the technology and a growing database to match any of the big paid sites, definitely making it one of the best free online dating websites.

AdultMatchDoctor is not only one of the best totally free dating websites it also caters for the sex personals market. So whether you’re looking for love or to hook up, with you can search, chat, start a sex blog, participate in forum discussions and even attend local member-organized swingers parties.

This website has a real online community feel and along with sex articles on advice and tips or free erotica stories from its members it even allows you to search in different sections from cross-dressing to voyerism this site has something for everyone.


Date Hook Up has also made it on to our list of the best totally free dating websites. While it does not find matches for you, it does let you customize the look and feel of your profile, it has a blog for every member, friends system and everyone can send and receive messages for totally free. You can also check out their DateHookUp Facebook Application or join their DateHookUp Fan Page.

Craigslist Dating

Craigslist is as basic as it gets when it comes to free online dating websites.. It does not have a profile database and up to the minute applications to communicate with other users. What it does have is a massive world wide following.

Craigslist is a very simplistic approach to online dating and it’s like reading the personals section in your local newspaper. Anyone can post or reply to an advert, which is why using it can feel a bit like taking part in a lucky dip. For those who do use it, it’s the sense of adventure and excitement of having no idea of who’s contacting them that makes using this site a thrill.

Or it could just be because there’s no profile building to muck about with and no wasted time spending hours scrolling through profiles. Simply post and ad see if you get a reply and decide if you want to further your communication or meet. If you like to roll the dice with lady luck, post and ad on Craigslist, you never know what you’re going to get back. Either way it’s one of the best free online dating websites around.

Free Online Dating: Tips and Advice

Are you a real “newbie” to the world of free online dating? Do you find online dating foreign? Fret not, dear readers. Here are some online dating tips to assist you in enjoying the experience.

Your Username

Let’s start at the beginning. It’s great to choose a username that makes you stand out. Just remember, though, there is a big difference between being very clever and being so obscure your username goes right over the heads of potential partners.

If someone is already using your first choice for a name, just let it go. Obviously, it wasn’t that clever after all. Avoid using provocative pen names. Not everyone has a sense of humor when it comes to online dating, especially if you are hoping to find a long-term relationship.

Your Profile

A profile that is carefully composed is essential to a successful online dating experience. The profile area is your space to present not only your biographical information but also other special personal information, pictures of yourself and some details of what you are seeking in terms of a date and/or potential mate. Don’t stress it though, because while you only get one chance to make a good first impression on a date, you get as many chances as you want on your free online dating profile. Get together with a friend or two when you’re ready to build your profile. They can help in choosing the best pictures.

Your Photographs

All your photographs should be under seven months old unless specifically designated otherwise. Your main photo should be a headshot. People should be able to see your eyes. In fact, there are free online dating sites that will suspend your photo posting privileges if your main photo does not show your eyes.

You should also include at least one full body shot too. This way, when you do score a first date, there will no concern about how “different” you look in person. Don’t post too many pictures that include other people who might hide the real you or confuse others as to your dating status either.

Keep all your profile photographs updated. Include supplemental photos of you enjoying your favorite pastime or perhaps pics from recent vacations. They can give you something to talk about.

Your Headline

Your headline should make a statement about you or maybe answer a basic question like: “What qualities am I looking for in a man/woman?” Again though, don’t be so clever; you may lose your “reader”.

Your Description

Your description should focus on three separate sections. The first concerns who you really are and some of the different things you enjoy doing. The second might be more about your personal habits or just about anything unusual or unique that makes you stand out from the crowd. The third one should discuss your current activities, books you have read and films you have seen recently.

Additional Tips

Finally, try to be brief. Share, but be careful you don’t share too much. Find a comfortable middle ground between letting them know something about you and removing all the mystery. Use spell check, too. You don’t want a profile that looks thrown together.

To summarize these online dating tips, you want to give people an honest representation of yourself, both physically and mentally. Specify a few things that make you stand out. If you took time off to protest at Standing Rock or have a unique collection of some sort, include that. It will get people’s attention.

Experience the Value of Free Online Dating

Your online chat is now culminating into a personal meeting so that the two of you can explore whether to go ahead with a relationship.

Tips on finding a partner

Do you like the tone of the profile that is in front of you? Do your subsequent chats up the initial impression that you have of the person you are talking to? Ask whether this feeling is mutual and if it is, take the initiative to arrange a meeting. Free online dating is an important resource for the shy person who is trying to find a partner for life. The site provides you with neutral topics and gives tips on understanding whether you are allowing your free online dating contact to feel comfortable. Remember, the first step to a positive experience is alertness about and comfort with each other. At the end of the meeting, if have a nice feeling about it, the free online dating site has probably worked for you.

The first meeting

What should you wear, where should you go and what should you say, these are the questions going through your mind when you decide to meet the person you have known only through the internet chat site. Expect the free online dating site to be your friend and guide in helping you make a great impression. You must select clothing and a location that allows the two of you to meet discreetly. It doesn’t matter if you are on a budget outing, don’t change facts to suit the situation. A walk on the beach, an ice cream near a local park or a simple dinner at a local eatery will do just fine. The most important aspect is that you should both be relaxed and open to knowing more about each other. If it makes you comfortable, consider topics to start the conversation and slowly allow yourself to relax as the conversation flows naturally. There may be a few moments of silence, be comfortable with it. Free online dating provides you tips and discussion boards that will help you face the meeting with ease.

After the first meeting

You have just met and are on each other’s minds, write an email. Let your communication talk about how you felt after the meeting and how you would like to take the relationship ahead. If the profile, chats and the meeting have given you a feeling that you are both on a possible road together, take the first step to thank the partner for the experience of the first meeting. At this stage, you must clarify your feelings about each other’s suitability while allowing for the possibility that your free online dating friend might want to meet more people before coming to a decision. Allow a pace to be set by both of you, if your friend feels the need to get to know you better, fix a time frame. Do not assume that you are in love or in a long term relationship at this stage. Be prepared for the possibility that the person you have been communicating with decides that is not a possibility to follow through. Do not treat this as a rejection, instead return to the site and browse for others, there are many choices available.